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If conventional methods of healthcare haven't worked for you, maybe it's time to consider a holistic approach. This combined approach incorporates a healthy diet, individualized whole food supplements, adequate rest, exercise and appropriate lifestyle changes. With proper guidance you can achieve a level of well-being you didn't think possible. Let Dr. Myndie Willis be your partner in this journey. Dr. Willis is a certified Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor. She can help you determine the underlying causes of your health problems and correct them naturally, at the source, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Deciding to take control of your health means seizing life. It means running with your kids and grandkids instead of just observing them. It means hiking and biking, deep breaths of fresh air, and standing up instead of standing by. It means a bit of blessed soreness from an outdoor adventure instead of stifling stiffness from a sedentary life. Don't pass it up, pass away, or let it pass you by. Choose living.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

You've chosen to live the freshest, purest, healthiest life possible, so at our office we have chosen to carry only nutritional supplements that meet those same standards. Our office uses the highest quality whole-food vitamins, minerals and herbs on the market to assist in the healing process. We also educate and encourage our patients to pursue healthier lifestyles through eating whole foods, organic when possible, drinking pure water and exercising. With the correct combination of nutritional supplements you can literally transform your health.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

To determine which deficiencies are preventing you from leading the healthiest life, Dr. Willis will often run a few non-invasive tests. Each patient will begin treatment by completing an in depth Symptom Survey Form. If further information is needed, saliva testing or hair analysis may be used. If bloodwork is required our office has a good working relationship with Any Lab Test Now.

Curious about bioidentical
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A truly unique approach to wellness

If you are tired of “managing” your health conditions with symptom suppressing drugs that aren't actually correcting anything, then Dr. Willis may have some real answers for you. When the underlying causes of disease are treated, that's when true healing can begin.

Dr. Willis has crafted a uniquely effective approach to whole-person health and wellness. You don't have to be relegated to a lifetime of illness nor expensive prescription drugs. Nature provides all the answers we need to maintain our health. Research conclusively shows that real food and herbs are extremely powerful in correcting biochemistry. Dr. Willis can help you determine your individual deficiencies and how to replenish them, so that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. By combining carefully chosen nutritional supplements, herbs and, when necessary, bioidentical hormones, Dr. Willis will create an individualized program to address your specific health needs.

The human body has amazing recuperative powers. When given the opportunity, your body will amaze even you. Remember, it was designed to do (and is always doing) the best it can with what you give it. When embarking on this journey into better health, it's important to remember that this is a collaborative effort. You will have to take pills and often times make some dietary and lifestyle changes. But Dr. Willis is here to guide you and the effort will be well worth it. You will not only experience health benefits but consequently you will be better mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Dr. Myndie Willis, DC ACN

Meet Dr. Willis

Myndie Willis DC, ACN is your source for holistic health in San Angelo! Dr. Willis is also licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association. With a combination of herbs, whole food supplements, bioidentical hormones and more, she'll put you on the path to natural wellness. Call today to set up an appointment and get started.

Pastoral Medical Association

The Pastoral Medical Association's main purpose is "to help people get back to health the way God intended." This ecclesiastical and self-governed agency, formed in the 90's, seeks to see "the Almighty's natural medicine" reassume the position of most beneficial, most efficient, and most effective in our national psyche.
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