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Myndie Willis DC, ACN

Certified Nutritionist | San Angelo, Texas

Meet Dr. Willis DC, ACN

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I have spent the past several years studying the tremendous health benefits of whole food nutrition. I have recently received my certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition, which is the science of using specific whole food concentrates to target weakened glands, organs and systems. It is another way I have found to greatly enhance quality of life. I was fortunate to grow up in a home where eating nutritious food was our norm. I think most of what we need to know about how to eat, we all once knew, until we allowed the food industry, government pyramids and convenience to take over. They shook our confidence in common sense, tradition, the testimony of our bodies and the wisdom of our mothers and grandmothers. And now most of our food is processed and packaged and devoid of nutrition. Even if you attempt to eat real food, the de-mineralization of our soil, added hormones, pesticides, GMO's, etc. etc., make it virtually impossible to give the body adequate nutrition. That is the miracle of whole food supplements. They can restore to the body what is missing and make dramatic changes in your mind, body and spirit.

My ultimate goal is to help you understand your body, recognize its signals and be able to respond using natural forms of healing. Healthcare is entering a new paradigm. People are tired of symptom suppressing drugs that control but don't correct anything. I am dedicated to helping you find better answers and to teaching you how to take control of your own health.