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There are simple, effective, non-drug approaches to improving health and preventing disease using lifestyle changes, diet and supplementation. The field of Applied Clinical Nutrition is the science of determining nutrient deficiencies and correcting them with food concentrates. It is important to understand the difference between man-made vitamins and food. Most over the counter (OTC) vitamins like Centrum and One-A-Day are synthetic. They are made in a factory from coal tar, petroleum or GMO corn syrup and most are made by the same 5 phamaceutical companies. The other type of OTC vitamins are fractionated chemicals extracted from food or plants (eg. d-alpha tocophorol from soy oil). Any and all synthetic vitamins actually create nutritional deficiencies of all their missing co-factors. The literature now shows that people who take synthetic/fractionated vitamins have more all-cause mortality, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Whole food concentrates are entirely different. The Standard Process Company has been providing organically farmed food concentrates since 1929. Because of their superior quality, this is primarily what I use in practice. They provide natural nutrients in their original form so your body recognizes this "food" and is able to use every part of it. Standard Process also has an unmatched body of knowledge in the clinical application of their unique formulas.

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